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    Public Safety Agency Solutions

    Citizens Are The Eyes and Ears of Community Safety

    Safety starts with citizens reporting what they see and hear – but many are reluctant to get involved. Our anonymous reporting system gives citizens the means to report, without having to get involved.

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    How Our STOPit Anonymous Reporting System™ (ARS) Works

    ARS educates, gathers, manages, informs, and documents submissions and actions, giving you one of the most comprehensive anonymous reporting systems available.


    We train citizens to recognize and report individuals who may be in need of help, are a danger to themselves or others, or are involved in unlawful activity. This helps create an upstander community that looks out for one another.

    Gather & Submit

    Our ARS provides an app, website, and telephone hotline for citizens to gather and submit actionable information, including screenshots, photos, audio, and videos, to local public safety officials.


    Time is critical when a life may be at risk. It is why we created our all-in-one app and web-based Incident Management System to quickly inform assigned public safety response teams of submitted incidents – resulting in faster, more actionable responses to both life and non-life-threatening situations.


    It is critical to document steps taken when an incident is submitted. ARS captures all responses, actions and plans. Additionally, we can create custom forms to meet your agency’s requirements. Together, our documentation allows you to reference, track, and/or gather inputs to comply with policies or regulations.

    Why Public Safety Chooses STOPit

    Simply - our proprietary solutions, experience, technology, security, and people set us apart.


    Safety needs are growing, and technology is changing at unprecedented speeds. Our Public safety customers rely on us for innovative solutions that continually raise industry standards.

    • Experts to Innovate and Provide Best Practices

    • Minimize Resource and Time Investment

    • Greater Reliability & Security

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    Customer Experience

    If you want to create a safer, healthier community, you need to provide an exceptional customer experience. STOPit is the industry leader in providing support, service, and dedicated specialists saving you time, resources, and cost.

    • Dedicated Account Specialists

    • Crisis Text LineCounselors

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    Data Security
    and Privacy

    STOPit and our strategic partners deploy industry-leading safeguards that continuously monitor our technology solutions and infrastructure, ensuring your data is safe, secure, and kept private.

    • Industry-Leading Certifications and Compliance

    • Rigorous Security and Backup Measures

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    Impact and Results

    Change to STOPit safety & wellness solutions impact and results highlight why public safety customers trust us to safeguard their communities.

    • 40,000+ Life-Threatening Interventions

    • 10,000+ Suicide, Self-Harm, & Shooting Threat Interventions

    • 5,500,000+ Use Our Programs in 7 Countries

    • 4.0 out of 5.0 Points Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

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    Resources and Insights

    STOPit Safety & Wellness Program Resources, Insights, and Research