Prevent & Comply

    STOPit SEL, Safety,
    & Wellness Training

    Train students in social and emotional learning, safety, and trauma-informed care, through our research-based online curriculum, to foster personal growth, resilience, and protection of self and others.

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    How STOPit SEL, Safety,
    & Wellness Training Works

    Our training curriculum has been built on the Pepper Teaching and Learning Network, an online platform offering curriculum and educator collaboration from some of the nation’s most trusted publishers and authors.

    Targeted Curriculum
    to Meet Student and School-Specific Needs

    Our online curriculum is professionally developed and specifically designed to build character, instill a safety mindset, and provide trauma-informed care knowledge to students in grades 5-8 and 9-12.

    • Content is 20-25 minutes in length to meet class time and  ideal student attention demands
    • Every course includes in-class and student-led learning activities

    Collaborative Instruction With Educator Peers

    Our platform works with any internet-connected device, whenever you need it. It can be adapted for classroom, advisory, assembly-based learning, or assigned to students as a self-directed activity.

    Collaborative Instruction With Educator Community

    Our platform lets your educators work with instructional coaches and peers within learning communities to share challenges and learn best practices.

    Seamless Course Documentation and Reporting

    We enable you to track and create a record of all courses taken by individual, classroom, grade, school, and district. This provides proof of learning and compliance through audited participation and completion information.

    Our Curriculum Offering

    While many companies offer expansive curriculum, we focus on topics you tell us are most needed to help protect your students, staff, and school.

    What Sets Us Apart

    Our Resources and Insights

    STOPit Safety & Wellness Program Resources, Insights, and Research

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