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    Identify & Alert

    911-Direct Panic
    Alert System

    Instantly alert, inform and request help from staff and/or 911 for any emergency or non-emergency issue enabling faster responses, more effective actions, and better outcomes.

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    How Our 911-Direct Panic
    Alert System™ Works

    Our solution is a simple, intuitive, and turnkey program used by school and workplace staff to instantly alert and request help from colleagues and/or 911 – saving time and lives.

    Request Help to Accelerate Response Time

    When help is needed, whether life or non-life
    threatening, Panic lets assigned users instantly request assistance from colleagues and/or 911 with a simple push of a button, significantly improving internal and emergency response time.

    Provides Location and Situation Need for a Better Response

    The emergency or assistance request is instantly and simultaneously sent with the situation, location, and need. These reported facts allow for proper protocol selection and better actioning by responding individuals.

    Provides Pre-Loaded Response Plans

    The system delivers pre-loaded response plans (lockdown, take cover) ensuring all recipients are instantly alerted of the situation and actions they need to take.

    Collaborate to Keep Updated and Informed

    The team communication feature allows for private, real-time collaboration and exchange of information – including sharing media, needed actions, and other critical information. This keeps users updated and maintains transparency around a given situation.

    Documentation of Situation Details and Actions Taken

    Our solution captures and stores each event, actions and communication. This allows you to reference, track, and/or submit a report as part of any mandated compliance, policy, or procedure.

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