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    HELPme ™ for
    K-12 Schools

    A Districtwide Mental Health Support Program

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    Normalize Asking For Help

    Students come to school with much more than the capacity to learn. Their backpacks are full of challenges we can’t see. We need to normalize asking for Help.


    • Basic Needs Insecurities (Food/Shelter/Clothing)
    • Mental Health stressors
    • Suicidal Ideation
    • Abusive households
    • Victims of bullying

    Three Ways to Get Help

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    ​Delivered on a highly configurable mobile platform, HELPme provides support and resources to students, families, and staff using a healing-centered interface. The HELPme app trains all school users on the importance of asking for help, recognizing asking for help as a critical life skill, and providing a safe way to practice asking for and receiving help from one’s first interaction with the school. 

    HELPme Provides 3 Ways to HELP based on the user’s level of comfort.
    1. Self-Help: Get Resources
    2. Help from a Trained Crisis Counselor: Crisis Text Line
    3. Help from your School or Community: Get Help

    Self Help: Preloaded Support Resources

    ​Each HELPme implementation comes preloaded with links to crisis helplines and resources in one easy-to-access place. Resources are configurable to meet your specific use-case and can be localized and replaced with your own resources. Resources can take the form of phone numbers, text numbers or URLs.

    Help from a Trained Crisis Counselor: Crisis Text Line

    ​​Connect directly to trained crisis counselors from the HELPme app. Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7, high-quality anonymous text-based mental health support and crisis intervention volunteers to support people in their moments of need.

    Help from Your School or Community: Direct Connection to Assistance

    ​Using Get Help, students, parents, and staff can directly connect with school and local-based resources and ask for assistance using STOPit's fully configurable state-of-the-art reporting system. Whether it is for everyday needs such as food, transportation, clothing, shelter, medical, or mental health needs such as bullying, anxiety, or domestic violence, help is only a click away.

    What Students Are Saying

    Students at every grade level maintain depression, stress, and anxiety is the most common barrier to learning.

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    Our Impact and Results

    We Help and Save Lives Everyday – Our Stats Back This Up
    8,000 +
    Schools and Workplaces Use ARS
    We monitor 100% of submitted tips ensuring any life-threatening situations are immediately escalated. We provide exclusive coverage outside of school and work hours 24/7/365 giving teams peace of mind.
    200,000 +
    Life and Non-Life Threatening Interventions
    CTL’s HIPAA-compliant client program has supported 4 million+ conversations with people in crisis since 2013. CTL is integrated into the ARS program for easy, quick use for first-person concerns or issues. Training of counselors is informed by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the Association of Suicidology, and CTL’s Clinical Advisory Board.
    5,500,000 +
    Students, Employees, and Citizens Kept Safe
    Our ARS is SOC 1 & SOC 2 Type 2 certified. We comply with FERPA, HIPAA, and COPPA policies and regulations across our entire platform and organization, along with state and federal policies and regulations.

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