STOPit & National Catholic Services

    Partnering Together to Protect God's Children

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    We are excited to announce a new program for Schools!



    Protecting Children with the STOPit Solution

    A shared goal of National Catholic Services and STOPit is to protect children from bullying/cyberbullying, self-harm and other forms of inappropriate or damaging behavior, and cultivate safe environments for growth and learning both online and offline.

    Protecting God’s Children™ is a trademark of The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc.


    • Allows anonymous real-time reporting and the ability for faculty and administrators to follow up
    • Empowers students to become Upstanders
    • Supports a culture that deters bad behavior
    • Allows for direct follow up with anonymous submitters to ask questions or gather more information
    • Messenger provides for real-time two-way communication between a reporter and an administrator while maintaining anonymity



    STOPit will be a significant addition to our safe environment initiatives designed to protect children and vulnerable adults and combat abuse. Additionally, STOPit will further equip our ministry and mission-driven organizations to remain a powerful force for Good.

    “Using Technology to Stay Ahead of Risk!”