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    October 11, 2022

    How does STOPit make a difference in school communities? Here is what those we serve have to say.

    We work hard to help over 8,000 school communities with the tools they need to help protect the physical, social, and emotional well-being of millions of students, employees, and citizens. As a result, STOPit has been able to save and change the lives of millions while creating safer and healthier places to learn, work, and live. 

    Recently, STOPit was highlighted in the press. Hear what six customers say about how they use STOPit in their communities.

    1. Two students were arrested at Fitchburg High School (Fitchburg, Massachusetts) for having knives in school. The school said it learned of the threat this morning through the STOPit app, which all students, teachers, and staff can access. Watch the video below from Boston 25 News.

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    2. Red Oak ISD (Dallas, Texas) is launching an aggressive anti-bullying campaign to prevent and report bullying behavior. The See Something, Say Something program gives students reminders to be kind and the tools to report inappropriate behavior through STOPit. The program has an app that can be downloaded, or reports can be made online. Read the full article here.

    3. Pontotoc City School (Pontotoc, Mississippi) outlines school safety and well-being resources. The extensive initiative back-to-school resources are available in six areas: cybersecurity and online safety; campus safety; Infectious Diseases and Public Health; building safety; anti-bullying awareness with Stopit App; and mental health awareness and training. Read the full article here.

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    4. Taos schools unveil security upgrades in the wake of students' stabbing. Interim Superintendent Valerie Trujillo said the district also would adopt the STOPit app, an anonymous reporting system for students and staff. "It's basically self-reporting," Trujillo said. "If there's a student feeling like they need to report self-harm or any type of suicidal ideation" or a fellow student who is threatening to bring a weapon to school, "this is an anonymous way to report it." Read the full article here.

    5. Sand Springs (Oklahoma) schools head back to class. Sand Springs school officials tell 2 News they have been using an app called STOPit for several years. Sherry Durkee, Superintendent of Sand Springs Public Schools, says the STOPit app is more about preventing a tragedy. She explains that STOPit can be used by anyone, not just staff. "What happens with STOPit is we get a notification when a person reports, whatever it is they report. So in the case of something say something irregular that would indicate there was a threat, then it allows our admin team to do some investigation. it's very preventative." Read the full article here.

    6. Johnson City Schools (Tennessee) launches STOPit App to empower and protect students. “We are excited to be able to provide this additional resource for our students,” Johnson City Schools Supervisor of Safety and Mental Health Greg Wallace said. “This will be another means of support for our students, especially those who are facing mental health issues. This will provide them with a 24/7 resource with a live person. This is just another measure we are taking to help our students and ensure our families that we take all threats and mental health issues seriously.” Read the full article here.

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