September 10, 2020

    WPD Launches New App For Middle, High School Students

    Weatherford Police Department School Resource Officer Justin Bushong is excited to announce he will be launching a new app for the Weatherford Middle School and the Weatherford High School.

    Officer Bushong first spoke of the app at last week’s Rotary meeting, which was featured in the Thursday, August 13, Weatherford Daily News online edition.

    The app, STOPit, allows students to report incidents to school officials. These incidents can be reported in an anonymous manner, if they wish, to protect the student.

    Incidents to report include bullying or on-line bullying, drug usage at school as well as reporting if a fellow student needs help with mental health. The app can be used to submit questions to the School Resource Officer to get to know the officer better, just like the DARE box in fifth grade.

    The app also will allow the schools to send students updates with the school, such as school closings and other special events. The app can be found in the Apple and Android stores and is a free app to download.

    Officer Bushong has placed flyers in each of the schools as well as cards at the front desk. The cards will have directions on how to log onto the school’s account. Anyone with questions may contact Officer Bushong.


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