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    January 10, 2023

    What is New for 2023 in School Health and Safety?

    Is it just us, or did 2022 really fly by? And what is in store for 2023? In this post, we reflect on 2022 and discuss what is trending for 2023.

    What's Trending in School Health And Safety in 2023?

    1. Multi-tiered System of Support - MTSS is a framework that helps educators provide academic and behavioral strategies for students with various needs. 
    2. Family Engagement - Family engagement is critical for student success. It is a practice in which families and school personnel collaborate to support and improve the learning and development of children.
    3. Mental Health Support - With increased levels of depression and anxiety among K-12 students, schools are ramping up resources. 
    4. Silent Panic Alert - An unprecedented spike in school shootings in 2022 highlights the need for emergency response technology.
    5. Anonymous Reporting - School leaders and law enforcement are working to reduce and prevent violence using anonymous reporting tools.

    Let's take a moment to reflect on some of our top highlights.

    • In February 2022, we launched HELPme, a healing-centered approach to school safety delivered on a mobile app.
    • We save and change lives every day! We've supported more than 200,000 incidents, 10,000 serious incidents, and 4000 emergency interventions. See how here

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