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    May 31, 2023

    STOPit Solutions and Indiana Online Partner to Enhance Student Safety and Well-being

    Holmdel, NJ, May 31, 2023 - STOPit Solutions, a leading provider of comprehensive safety and wellness solutions for schools, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Indiana Online, a department of Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC) and a respected partner and provider of online education for Indiana students. This collaboration aims to enhance student safety, promote a positive learning environment, and foster overall well-being among Indiana Online students.

    The partnership between STOPit Solutions and Indiana Online brings together two organizations dedicated to empowering students, promoting a culture of safety, and supporting mental health initiatives. Through the integration of STOPit's innovative technology and Indiana Online's commitment to student success, this collaboration will create a safer and healthier online learning environment for Indiana students.

    STOPit Solutions offers a range of safety and wellness programs, including STOPit’s HELPme Program, which provides students with multiple ways to ask for and receive help based on their level of comfort. By implementing HELPme, Indiana Online will empower students to share concerns for themselves or others, ensuring that requests for help are addressed promptly, proactively, and effectively.

    "We are thrilled to partner with Indiana Online to advance student safety and well-being," said Parkhill Mays, Chief Executive Officer at STOPit Solutions. "With the increasing importance of online education, it is crucial that we provide students with the necessary tools and resources to navigate their digital learning environment safely while providing them access to resources, support, and help. Together, STOPit Solutions and Indiana Online will empower students to thrive academically and emotionally."

    Indiana Online is recognized for its commitment to personalized learning, academic excellence, and student support. By partnering with STOPit Solutions, Indiana Online demonstrates its dedication to addressing student safety & mental health concerns, providing important community resources, immediate crisis support, and fostering a positive and inclusive virtual learning community.

    "We are excited to join forces with STOPit Solutions to further enhance the well-being of our students," said Kim Hendrick, Executive Director at Indiana Online. "The safety and mental health of our students are of paramount importance to us, and this partnership will provide them with a powerful tool to report incidents and seek support. Together, we can create a safer and more supportive online learning environment for all Indiana Online students."

    Through this partnership, STOPit Solutions and Indiana Online will work together to educate students and staff on the use of STOPit's HELPme App and promote a positive school climate focused on student well-being. This first state-wide online school implementation of HELPme could provide the national model for other statewide programs.

    About Indiana Online

    Indiana Online, a department of the Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC), is one of the largest online supplemental course providers in the state. With a focus on personalized learning and academic excellence, Indiana Online offers a wide variety of full-time, year-round, and summer courses online designed to meet the unique needs of each student. Committed to student success and well-being, Indiana Online provides a supportive learning environment where students can thrive academically and personally.

    For more information about  Indiana Online, please visit https://indianaonline.org.

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