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    November 3, 2021

    STOPit Solutions Launches New 911-Direct Panic Alert System™ to Provide Instant Alerts to 911 and Staff of Emergencies Enabling Faster Response and Better Outcomes

    Instant Connection, Location, Communication to 911 and Staff for Schools and Workplaces

    Holmdel, NJ, October 20, 2021 - STOPit Solutions, a pioneer in safety and wellness solutions that create healthier places to learn, work, and live, today launched 911-Direct Panic Alert System in its continued introduction of 8 new products and services throughout Fall 2021. 911-Direct brings the highest level technology and responsiveness to emergency needs of schools, workplaces, and communities, further building STOPit Solutions as the leader in comprehensive safety solutions.

    911-Direct instantly alerts, informs, and requests help from staff and/or 911 for any emergency or non-emergency issue enabling faster responses, more effective actions, and better outcomes. 911-Direct provides:
    • Instant connection to your local 911 — no call center or re-routing — saving critical response time
    • Location, situation, and team communication features to ensure all are informed and updated
    • Customization to fit organization and assigned user’s needs

    “If you can accelerate response time of first responders and staff to a situation in a school or workplace, you are going to get better outcomes, and at extremes, save lives,” said Jai Pandu, Chief Technology Officer and Lead on the 911-Direct. “Over the past months we have gotten many requests for a solution to accelerate emergency response. 911-Direct is that answer and based off of pre-launch introduction we know this is going to make a significant difference in schools and workplaces nationwide.”

    As with all STOPit’s programs, 911-Direct comes with industry-leading on-boarding, training, and account management. STOPit does not “throw it over the wall” and leave accounts to struggle with setup and use. The STOPit team walks and supports each customer from pre- through post-launch including annual workshops and trainings. It is why STOPit retains so many relationships and has 60%+ of its customers in more than one program.

    To learn more about the STOPit 911-Direct Panic Response System, please:

    Call: 855-999-0932
    Email: sales@stopitsolutions.com
    Visit: STOPit 911-Direct Panic Alert System


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